BH Tank provides on-site consultation and inspection services. From pre-delivery access inspections to comprehensive tank and system evaluation, we have the personnel and experience to determine the best solution liquid storage needs.
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Pre-delivery inspection includes highway and street route access, site conditions and restrictions, location suitability, alternative tank-site locations, plumbing considerations, foundation and soil stability observations, permit acquisition, storage alternatives, and other cost-saving suggestions.

BH Tank provides evaluation services on existing tank installations to provide repair or replacement cost comparisons. We examine critical decision making and cost impact issues such as history, design, regulatory compliance, site access, physical limitations, foundation, tank construction and quality, overall condition of coatings and structural elements, and other relevant issues such as temporary water supply, storage requirements, time-frames, and other pertinent information. Then we provide honest conclusions and recommendations including cost estimates so the client can evaluate the best course of action.

Our comprehensive after-market maintenance services include:

  • Foundation Installation & Repair
  • System Upgrades & Renovation
  • Interior Tank Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Repair Leaks or Structural Damage
  • Routine Tank Inspection
  • Exterior Tank Coatings & Repairs
  • Telemetric Liquid Level Indication & Control
  • Ozone System Installation
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