The word "Delivery" has two meanings. The date an item will arrive or the method of shipment. BH Tank handles both.

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At BH Tank our #1 Core Value is "Keeping our Word". So when we promise a ship date, we take it as a serious commitment. We will not compromise our values for short-term expediency. So whether you're having a tank delivered or installing an entire field assembled reservoir, you can count on BH Tank to be there when we say we will.

BH Tank offers complete freight and offloading services for all our product lines. If weight or size is restrictive, BH Tank has established partnerships with other specialty carriers and works closely to coordinate crane schedules with tank arrival, saving our clients time and money.

Important delivery considerations:

Loads over 8'6" in width or over 14' in overall height will require special moving permits. BH Tank will provide all permits, pilot cars and escorts as required by State, County, and City governments.

It is important to be aware of potential delivery obstructions. These include bridges, overhead wires, tree limbs, road access limitations (steep, rutted, muddy, sharp turns, narrow, etc.). BH Tank can provide on-site consultation if access is questionable.

The word "Installation" has many implications: From placing a pre-fabricated tank on it's foundation, removing an existing tank, connecting tank accessories and plumbing, to erecting a tank on-site, or performing a "Turn-key" new tank installation
(see Field Construction).

BH Tank makes every effort to provide tank installation a part of our delivery service. Utilizing our own specialized fleet of flatbed trucks equipped with cranes and low-bed trailers, we are usually able to install the tanks we can deliver.

Important installation considerations:

Tanks are often located in remote locations. Consider what type of equipment will be required to access the tank pad. How close can a 40' tractor and trailer combination get to the tank pad? How much reach is needed to lift the tank or components with crane? Is the site accessible by two-wheel drive? How large of a vehicle can the access road accommodate?

Does the site have existing structures, tanks or foundations? Is alternative water service available? Is there electricity available at tank site? Are there any overhead obstructions such as power lines or trees? In addition to the physical aspects of the tank site, consideration should be given to piping from water source, gravity flow, site aesthetics, soil stability, drainage, and site security (to name a few). BH Tank can provide on-site consultation if tank site location is questionable.

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