Recently Completed Projects

Photo’s below are of a recently completed corrugated galvanized steel water storage tank that was purchased by American Fire Protection, Inc. to satisfy emergency fire flow requirements for at the new CoParts automotive recycling yard in San Martin, CA. The storage tank is seismically designed in accordance with AWWA D-103 and installed to meet NFPA-22 criteria.

Tank capacity is 67,950 Gallons with a usable capacity of over 60,000 gallons to satisfy the 500 GPM for two hour flow requirement. Tank dimensions are 27’9” diameter by 15’0” shell height.

Additional accessories features include an 8” RFSO nozzle with internal suction vortex breaker, 20" vent, liquid level indicator, caged ladder with anti-climb door, and a 24” diameter shell manway. .The interior of the tank is powder coated and submerged surfaces were inspected and certified to be 100% holiday–free.

Click image for larger view

For inquiry please call (800) 464-2951 or click here to email.

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