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Water Storage Tanks   |   UL 142 Double Wall Tanks   

BH Tank - Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturer

BH Tank has the capability to design, engineer, manufacture, and installs water tanks, chemical tanks and waste-water tanks.
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Corrugated Tanks

Galvanized corrugated tanks and stainless steel corrugated tanks are mainly used for ground water storage in households, irrigation and fire protection. Our corrugated tanks meet NFPA-22 and AWWA tank standards. More on corrugated tanks

Bolted Tanks

Bolted steel tanks are utilized in rural water districts, municipalities, and housing subdivisions. Bolted tanks are fabricated in accordance with AWWA D-103 standards and erected by our factory certified crews. More on bolted tanks

BH Classic™ Tanks

The BH Classic™ range of water tanks are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and yet be cost effective so as to fit any project. The BH Classic™ water tank combines strength with the aesthetic appeal of no protruding bolts due to the innovative, Huck bolt design. Tanks are finished in either a Galvanized steel finish or available in a range of pre-painted steel colors. More info on BH Classic™ Tanks

Welded Tanks

Epoxy coated tanks and stainless steel welded pressure vessels are designed for potable water tank storage, recycled water, wastewater processing, ammonia diffusion and other industrial water processing applications. Our welded tanks meet AWWA D-100, UL 142, API-650, NFPA-22 standards and are NSF-61 approved.
More info on welded tanks

Double Wall Tanks

Double wall tanks are containment solutions for management of waste oil, transmission fluids, motor oil and other hazardous flammable liquids. Double Wall Tanks are UL 142 certified and labeled. More info on double wall tanks

Compliance Solutions

BH Tank is an experienced tank manufacturer that has provided our clients with water storage solutions for compliance with fire codes, environmental protection, hazardous material clean-up, emergency water reserves to meet or exceed all federal, state or local government jurisdiction requirements. More info on compliance

Fire Protection Water Storage

Bolted Tanks are Factory Mutual (FM) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) approved for standby water reserves for private fire protection systems. Our welded steel Fire Protection water tanks meet all fire code requirements. Powder coated corrugated tanks are the most economical steel storage tanks for fire protection storage requirements. More on fire protection water tanks

Rural Water Tank Systems

As a tank manufacturer BH Tank fabricates and installs bolted water storage tanks for rural water system reservoirs for water storage and wastewater storage. More on rural water storage tanks

Residential Water Storage Tanks

Residences with low production wells rely on BH Tank’s stainless steel tanks to store their precious water resource. Steel water storage tanks outperform and outlast plastic tanks especially under harsh weather, sunlight, fire, algae and other environmental conditions. More on residential water tanks

Irrigation water tanks

BH Tank provides irrigation water storage tanks and storage solutions for ranches, green houses and vineyards along with rainwater storage for orchid growers, fishponds and run-off reservoirs. More on irrigation tanks

Industrial Holding Tanks

Custom and standard fabrication of storage vessels cover a large array of storage solutions for industrial applications. Including dry and liquid holding tanks for agriculture, chemical and other industrial processes. More industrial holding tanks

Ammonia Diffusion Tanks

Ammonia diffusion tanks and ammonia refrigeration tanks are built in strict compliance with UMC structural and configuration design requirements. More on ammonia diffusion tanks

Liquid Waste Management Tanks

BH Tank offers custom and standard manufacturing of liquid waste management tanks. Double Wall Tanks are excellent for secondary containment for oil, gas, and other flammable or hazardous material storage requirements. More on Liquid waste management

If you have any questions regarding water tanks or chemicals tanks, please contact us at 1-800-464-2951.

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Water Storage Tanks   |   UL 142 Double Wall Tanks